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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005
    Green Notepad

    The night was humid (well, it was) when I found out that I was going to do my first mudstomping job. This wasn't just any mudstomping job. This was the mudstomping job that would change my room forever.
    Mine was a cold room, the coldest room in the house. I suspected that Mom and Dad were prepared for me to be inaccurate in the beginning because they didn't yell at me when the mud rained down.
    I think Mom needs to write down in her little green notepad that we need more (drywall)mud, (we used almost all of it last night).
    My room is the coldest room in the house because it is all closed up with its own A/C window unit. ( in case your'e wondering, Me and Kaitlyn slept out on the deck... on the mattresses wrapped in sheets and sleeping bags).

    Although nothing in this post is fictional I wrote it as my first creative writing project.

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