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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007
    My family has a history of sleep walking, sleep talking, etc.
    My Dad once accused my Mom of bringing a water buffalo into their bedroom when I was a baby. Mom was changing my diaper when suddenly he sat up in bed and glared at her and said, "You did it didn't you!?! You brought that water buffalo in here!" and Mom fell off the bed from laughing and said "What? What did I do?" Then he woke up and got mad and went back to sleep.

    My grandma said that my mom used to do perfect pantomimes of putting her shoes and socks on, and taking out the trash (without even touching the trashcan).

    My sister Kaitlyn once went downstairs (when we lived in Ohio) really early in the morning when Mom was sorting laundry. She handed Kaitlyn some socks and underwear and asked her to put them away. Kaitlyn said "okay"...and then proceeded to put them in the china cabinet on top of the plates! Then in the morning she was telling everybody about this really strange dream that she had had last night and imagine her surprise when Mom showed her the very socks and underwear that she had put away in her "dream" the night before!

    Lydia on the other hand doesn't have any outstanding sleep walking incidents in her history but she talks a LOT in her sleep. Once Kaitlyn and I filled an entire notebook page with some of her midnight mumblings about "I don't care.......it's in my pocket.....crystals.....I'm telling Dad!"

    Once in Ohio when we were moving Megan got up and sleep walked into the hallway and then she came running back in and headed straight for the ginormous dresser drawers that were in the middle of the floor! Then she jumped and her toe caught on the edge of the dresser and she flew over the other two drawers and landed on the floor and then she woke up, was thoroughly confused, and went back to bed.

    Natalie once fell asleep on the couch in our living room and when I stood her up and walked her to the bathroom to go before she took her four year old little self to bed. She amiably said "alright" and went and sat on the closed toilet with her pants pulled up! So I kindly and gently pointed out that she couldn't go potty like that and she looked at me with complete bewilderment on her face as if I was crazy and then ignored me. Needless to say for those who know me well I got veeeerrrrryyyy frustrated after a few minutes of this and Mom had to take over.

    Becca, aside from the incident in the post below, once fell asleep on the couch. Then she got up and started walking in circles in the living room and then woke herself up with a fit when someone tried to put her to bed.

    My Dad said that once my Uncle Benjamin tried to sleep-sneak past his bedroom four times in the same night! He was a skinny little ten year old and he was acting all sneaky and he would get to Dad's door and Dad would say "Ben! get in bed! Dad is gonna yell at you!" Ben would say "okay" and slump his shoulders and shuffle back around the corner (he couldn't walk straight because he was asleep) and then a minute later he would be back, shifty eyes and all! Then he actually eventually got past Dad and Dad said that all of a sudden from all the way across this big old brick house he heard "BENJAMIN!!! GET IN BED!"

    So all in all I guess that I come from a pretty weird family (I won't elaborate on the time uncle Jonathan speared a goat's head on a pole after they slaughtered it.) But this is the family that God gave me and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

      posted at 8:31 PM

    Monday, January 29, 2007
    my new blog and other things
    What do you think of my new blog? Pretty nice huh? my bestest sister Kaitlyn fixed it up for me.
    If you pop over to her blog then you'll see a pic of her with the deer that Dad shot at Covenant Ranch (the building in the header is the lodge, and we stayed in the rooms on the bottom left).
    One night when Becca (the 5yo) fell asleep on the couch and had to be carried out to our rooms I picked her up then she opened her eyes really wide, so I said "Becca are you awake?" and she said "yeah" so I said "open the door for me" and she opened it with her feet but then she shut it and said "teedo...teedo....fire...flood!" and the that's when I realized that she might not be all the way awake! So with her still mumbling I asked someone else to open the door and I carried her out to bed.

      posted at 6:06 PM

    Thursday, January 11, 2007
    What I read in my bible today
    Today when I read in my Bible I read in Genesis, from chapter 27 to chapter 50 and in the chapters between I noted a few things. From the notes in chapter 27 (in my new study bible :D) I realized that the whole rather silent conflict that probably started with Esau trading his birth right for soup, pretty much degenerated the whole family:

    Esau married Hittites and they "made life bitter for Isaac and Rebekah" and when he traded his birthright for soup he started hating Jacob.

    Jacob used Esau's low blood sugar to con him out of his birthright, and helped to deceive his father which made his older brother hate him even more.

    Rebekah had the idea to deceive her husband and convinced Jacob to help. (Not that he was really walking circumspectly) and then later (probably because she deceived her husband) she died unnoted.

    Isaac tried to thwart God by telling Esau "Go get me some food and then I'll bless you," when he knew that Jacob was supposed to get the blessing and then he trusted in his fallible senses instead of God to guide him.

    In chapter 29-30 Jacob meets and marries Leah and Rachel and the war between them starts.
    Jacob offers to serve seven years for Rachel (and it says that it only seemed like a few days to him because he loved her so much) but Laban deceives him (quite an ironic turn of the tables on the guy whose name means deciever) and tricks him into marrying Leah, and in the morning he's all "wait a second, that is not the girl I served for!" and then sneaky ol' Laban makes him serve another seven years for the girl that he was supposed to get in the first place(and there's no mention of it seeming like a few days this time).
    But in chapter 29 Leah bears Jacob 4 sons in a row and he still didn't love her. What I first thought was "how mean!" but then I realized that it was pretty much Leah's fault because she couldn't have been innocent in tricking Jacob into marrying her, I mean think about it, if a handsome man was hanging around the house and is working for your cute little sister, is there really any chance that you wouldn't figure out that there was something fishy about you marrying him on the same day that he was supposed to marry your sister?
    In chapter 30 Rachel gets jealous of Leah's children and decides that she will just adopt the children that her maid is going to have by Jacob, and when Leah sees that this is working she does the same thing and gives her maid to Jacob and I realised as I read this that this whole race/war/contest for Jacob's love had to have lasted several several years at least, yet Leah was buried in the cave with Sarah, Abraham, Isaac, and Rebekah, while Rachel was buried in the roadside (albeit with a pillar over her grave), and Leah was the mother of Judah which means that she was included in the Messianic line while Rachael the favorite wife wasn't.

    In chapter 34 about Dinah and Shechem I wondered if Dinah even wanted to stay with him because after what he did to her, I know that I sure wouldn't even want to see his face again.
    And I wonder if she even had any say in it, because when Simeon and Levi slaughtered the city they took her out of the house of Shechem which means he still hadn't let her go.
    My Mom and I were speculating, what was it about the women in that family that kings noticed and wanted them? Kings who could have had pretty much any woman that they wanted noticed and said "I want her" A king noticed Sarah, 2 Kings noticed Rebekah, and a prince, a son of a king noticed Dinah. Maybe they had red hair or something (Esau had red hair all over), or extremely white skin.

      posted at 5:05 PM

    Saturday, January 06, 2007
    What I got for Christmas
    Right now I am working on the computer that my Grandma and Grandpa Coghlan gave Kaitlyn,
    Lydia, Megan, and Myself for Christmas.


    I also got a beautiful scarf from my pen-pal, a set of brushes, a comb and, a mirror from sweet little sis Natalie, a new study bible and bible cover from MomandDad,
    and a gorgeous necklace from Aunt Bonna.

      posted at 9:45 AM

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