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    Wednesday, February 14, 2007
    Happy birthday Abigail!
    Today is the 13th birthday of my friend and Aunt Abigail.
    and as is the custom I am going to post 13 things about her:

    1. she was my very first friend and we were like sisters (and still are;).
    2. she is a black belt in tae-kwon-do.
    3. she learned to read when she was 3.
    4. she always happily and willingly gives up her lovely, wonderful bedroom when we come to visit.
    5. she showed me the way to make perfect scrambled eggs.
    6. we used to eat the green and white strawberries in Grandma's garden just because she cautioned us not to (we figured that she must be keeping the best ones for herself).
    7. she loves, loves ,loves her nephews Byson Lee, and Perry IV.
    8. she helped me figure out a particularly hard jump in the playstation game: ATV Offroad Fury.
    9. we both loved good old Sambo, Grandpa and Grandma's big black dog enough to give him our ice cream 0:) (and then claim that he took it>:)
    10. she has her own PSP (play station personal).
    11. she has her own RAZR.
    12. she has her own computer.
    13. once when she was a baby Grandma drank a coke (this was a big deal because Grandma had competely vetoed coffee while she was pregnant) and when Dad went over to visit, poor li'l Abber was in her carseat with her eyes WIDE open, with a grin on her face,and her eyes going from side to side.

      posted at 5:27 PM

    At 6:16 PM, December 17, 2007, Anonymous becca said...

    she sounds like a great person!


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