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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007
    My family has a history of sleep walking, sleep talking, etc.
    My Dad once accused my Mom of bringing a water buffalo into their bedroom when I was a baby. Mom was changing my diaper when suddenly he sat up in bed and glared at her and said, "You did it didn't you!?! You brought that water buffalo in here!" and Mom fell off the bed from laughing and said "What? What did I do?" Then he woke up and got mad and went back to sleep.

    My grandma said that my mom used to do perfect pantomimes of putting her shoes and socks on, and taking out the trash (without even touching the trashcan).

    My sister Kaitlyn once went downstairs (when we lived in Ohio) really early in the morning when Mom was sorting laundry. She handed Kaitlyn some socks and underwear and asked her to put them away. Kaitlyn said "okay"...and then proceeded to put them in the china cabinet on top of the plates! Then in the morning she was telling everybody about this really strange dream that she had had last night and imagine her surprise when Mom showed her the very socks and underwear that she had put away in her "dream" the night before!

    Lydia on the other hand doesn't have any outstanding sleep walking incidents in her history but she talks a LOT in her sleep. Once Kaitlyn and I filled an entire notebook page with some of her midnight mumblings about "I don't care.......it's in my pocket.....crystals.....I'm telling Dad!"

    Once in Ohio when we were moving Megan got up and sleep walked into the hallway and then she came running back in and headed straight for the ginormous dresser drawers that were in the middle of the floor! Then she jumped and her toe caught on the edge of the dresser and she flew over the other two drawers and landed on the floor and then she woke up, was thoroughly confused, and went back to bed.

    Natalie once fell asleep on the couch in our living room and when I stood her up and walked her to the bathroom to go before she took her four year old little self to bed. She amiably said "alright" and went and sat on the closed toilet with her pants pulled up! So I kindly and gently pointed out that she couldn't go potty like that and she looked at me with complete bewilderment on her face as if I was crazy and then ignored me. Needless to say for those who know me well I got veeeerrrrryyyy frustrated after a few minutes of this and Mom had to take over.

    Becca, aside from the incident in the post below, once fell asleep on the couch. Then she got up and started walking in circles in the living room and then woke herself up with a fit when someone tried to put her to bed.

    My Dad said that once my Uncle Benjamin tried to sleep-sneak past his bedroom four times in the same night! He was a skinny little ten year old and he was acting all sneaky and he would get to Dad's door and Dad would say "Ben! get in bed! Dad is gonna yell at you!" Ben would say "okay" and slump his shoulders and shuffle back around the corner (he couldn't walk straight because he was asleep) and then a minute later he would be back, shifty eyes and all! Then he actually eventually got past Dad and Dad said that all of a sudden from all the way across this big old brick house he heard "BENJAMIN!!! GET IN BED!"

    So all in all I guess that I come from a pretty weird family (I won't elaborate on the time uncle Jonathan speared a goat's head on a pole after they slaughtered it.) But this is the family that God gave me and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

      posted at 8:31 PM

    At 6:34 PM, January 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I read your Mum's blog and visited here from there. Just want to say I love the look of your blog. I also really enjoyed reading what you had to say about your readings in Genesis. I too am just reading Genesis.
    Sorry, I don't have a blog yet. Maybe one day.
    Blessings to you.
    Mel from Australia.

    At 1:09 PM, February 01, 2007, Anonymous Hattie said...

    Hey this is HomeschoolHattie
    I just love reading the funny
    things you
    wrote about Sleepwalking i have never sleepwalked in my life but
    I do talk in my sleep.


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