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    Monday, June 26, 2006
    Teeth = Maturity?
    One day we (Mom and the rest of us Kids) were on Our way to the dentist when somebody brought up the fact that Kaitlyn (who is 11 BTW) had all of her twelve year old molars while I only have one.

    Me: "Well that just means that she has a big mouth and I don't."

    Lydia: "No that means that she is more mature then you!"(smirk with raised eyebrows)

    Me: "What on earth do teeth have to do with maturity?"

    Kaitlyn: "Since you don't have molars then you don't have the maturity which means you won't
    understand." (another smirk with raised eyebrows)

    Me: "You guys are ridiculous!"

    Lydia: "No, you're jealous that Kaitlyn is more mature then you are!" (another smirk)

    Mom: "Well Lydia if you don't have your twelve year old molars how do you know?"

    Me: "YEAH! Lydia!"

    Lydia: "Well you don't have your molars either Deanna!!!

    Me: "Well I have one and the only reason she has room for those molars is because her mouth is bigger than mine and that means that I am more mature than Kaitlyn."
    After that it was just more nuh-uh - yah-uh-ing and in a way the argument is still going on because we stopped talking when we got to the dentist but whenever somebody brings it up Kaitlyn and Lydia are still adamant that more molars = more maturity.

    btw I am getting my second 12 yo molar =)

      posted at 4:27 PM

    At 1:25 PM, January 17, 2007, Anonymous Hattie said...

    I have always heard more molars more machurity but you are right.

    ps....my blog HomeschoolHattie


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