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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
    I love poetry so I think that I'll post some every once in a while.
    What really grabbed me was the part about the beloved books,
    I think that I like whoever wrote this!


    My very heart's desire is safe
    within thy walls;
    The voices of my loved ones, friends who come,
    My treasured books that rest in niche serene,
    All make more dear to me thy haven sweet.
    Nor do my feet
    desire to wander out except that
    they may have the glad return at eventide-
    Dear Home

    Home! my very heart's contentment lies within thy walls.
    No worldly calls hath power to turn my eyes
    in longing from
    thy quietness. Each morn
    when I go forth upon the duties of
    the day
    I wend my way
    content to know that eve will bring me
    safely to thy walls again.
    Dear Home.

    by Nellie Womack Hines

      posted at 9:34 AM


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