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    Wednesday, December 07, 2005
    My sister-aunt Abigail and several memoirs of my youth
    This is my little aunt Abigail, She and Briana are my best friends. Abigail and I have known each other longer than I have had my sisters, and as a result we are closer than most sisters. We have actually been separated most of our lives, cuz when I was 4-5 they moved to Florida for 2 1/2 years, then after that they moved to Illinois for 6 months. Then they moved to Tennessee and they have moved to a new house in Tennessee but they still live there. We visit them about once or twice a year but we don't always see each other every single year. Last year we saw them for 3 days in the whole year and the year before I don't recall seeing them at all. But we went for a week this past summer and in 2 1/2 weeks they are going to arrive on the twenty third and they are leaving on the twenty eighth. In short, they are coming for Christmas.
    One year when we (Abigail and I) were like one and two we were eating the green and white strawberries out of Grandma's vast strawberry garden. I remember that they were so disgusting but we were so ornery that we were just eating them because Grandma said not to.
    And another time when we were three and four Grandma took us to the broken down old building that we used to go to church in (we were there cuz there was some stuff of theirs that the church used to use) and Abigail and I found the old copying machine and since I had seen Dad make copies of his face using that machine I figured why couldn't We? But we didn't know how to use the copying machine...And so we wasted a whole bunch of paper, the result of which was that we both got spanked (I dont remember doing it again).
    I remember another time when Benjamin was at work with Grandpa ( Mom, Dad,and I used to stay at Grandpa and Grandma's house for days at a time when there was ice on the road and we couldn't get home ) Abigail and I decided that we could go into his room if we wanted to! And so we raided his drawers and the thing I remember most of all is that we got into his deodorant.
    Well I remember that when I was like 2 Benjamin would knock me down and dangle a daddy-long-legs right in my face and I would scream my headn off . But he still did it because another time he was chasing me around with another daddy-long-legs and Thomas was being my guardian and he was like 6 and he was able to make Benjamin stop by telling him that He would call Grandpa and tell him that Ben was tormenting me.
    I remember another time when we lived in the country in Ohio Mom and I were having breakfast and Mom heard a groundhog out behind the house. She got her .357 and locked herself in the bathroom and shot him out of the bathroom window. I remember that I really wanted to come in the bathroom with her but she wouldn't let me and so I was peeking under the bathroom door and all I could see was silhouettes of Mom's feet.
    I remember that we used to have an apple tree out behind out house but the only fruit it ever gave was one withered up old apple and that apple stayed on there for like a year or more and I always wanted to eat it but Mom wouldn't let me.

      posted at 10:31 AM

    At 3:06 PM, December 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


    I remember too!

    Grandpa Coghlan


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