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    Friday, November 18, 2005
    We the undersigned
    The harassed occupants of the bedroom in the west wing of the Homemade House do declare with our legal signatures
    That any person who dares to enter our bedroom uninvited will be evacuated from the afore said room and be escorted without any undue violence to our
    Mother where the offender will be disciplined according to the seriousness of his or her crime(s) and will be obliged to:
    1. Apologize
    2. Give a sort of restitution.
    Anyone who disobeys these requirements repeatedly will be punished by the Father and by being obliged to take down their document of rights to privacy as it will be hypocrisy to sisters. Keep it posted to their door(way) whilst they are not complying with the exact wishes that they impose upon us.

    This is what the "Legal Document" that we (Kaitlyn,Lydia,and Myself) are trying to get Dad and Mom to sign says. Well actually we tried to get Mom to sign it but she won't until Dad does and
    so we have it hanging on our door with only our signatures on it...But it should work to keep out
    the other kids who stand juuuuust inside the door and say "ha ha iii'm in yooour rooom!"

    ps. the line under the document itself is where we sign, But Mom and Dad sign on the line

      posted at 9:25 AM


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