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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
    More Poetry
    Gather ye Roses

    Gather ye roses while ye may,
    Old time is still a-flying;
    A world where beauty fleets away
    Is no world for denying.
    Come lads and Lasses, fall to play
    Lose no more time in sighing.

    The very flowers you pluck to-day
    Tomorrow will be dying;
    And all the flowers are crying,
    And all the leaves have tongues to say,-
    Gather ye roses while ye may.

    by Robert Louis Stevenson

    I chose this one because it reminds me of a spoof that someone did of it:

    Gather kittens while ye may,
    Time brings only sorrow;
    And the kittens of today
    will be old cats tomorrow

      posted at 10:41 AM

    At 12:47 PM, March 15, 2007, Blogger Searching For a Meaning said...

    You made a wise choice in Robert Louis Stevenson - a writer still a favourite - here in Scotland.

    May you aspire through your writings.

    Every good wishes and blessings to you and your family from Scotland.


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